Apache is one of our kid horses. He is a pinto gelding and loves to eat. When he is at the back of a trail ride he likes to slow down and smell the alfalfa which usually leads to a lot of eating breaks. Lots of people think that he looks like a dinosaur.


Banjo was born here at the Rockin' R Ranch in June 2008. His man was named Mahana and his dad was Quasar Kop. Banjo has a full brother here at the ranch, his name is Johnny. Banjo is a buckskin dun and has zebra stripes on his legs.


Bobby was born here at the Rockin' R ranch in 2004. His parents are Thema and Quasar Kop. Bobby is a sorrel gelding. His is very fast, likes to push cows, and loves taking guests on cattle drives. He is have half quarter horse and half thoroughbred which is the breed that is used in horse racing.

Chewy is a buckskin mare. She was born May 31, 2003. Chewy is actually one of our papered horses. Her real name is Mavericks Bit' O Honey. She is papered through APHA which stands for American Paint Horse Association. If Chewy is in with the herd she is always with her best friend Julio.


Cheyenne is our brown and white paint mare. She is also one of the oldest horses here at the Rockin' R but still could outrun most of our herd. She likes to go on cattle drives. She loves going on trail rides and often starts to dance around while she waits to be put in line.


Cricket is always a favorite! She was born on the ranch in May of 2010. She is a dun and has zebra stripes on her legs. Her parents were Mama Reba and Quasar Kop. She has a half sister named Little Reba who also lives here. Cricket is an Arabian quarter horse cross.


Dusty gets her name from her color which is called dusty buckskin. Dusty loves her friend Fern. She is one of our larger horses and loves to try and stay out in the field instead of coming into the corrals in the mornings.


Frosty is a bay gelding. He got his name because when he was a baby the tips of his ears got frostbite and fell off. Frosty hates being tied up, he would rather wander around and look for food.


Gidgett loves to run! She loves kids and loves to run the barrel pattern during the rodeos. She has been on the ranch for a very long time. When she is in the corral she likes to relax in her favorite corner, the front left next to the feed pen, just in case we throw some food.

Haegan came to the ranch the same time we bought another horse named Spitfire. Because they were introduced to the herd at the same time they became quick friends. Horses have a strict heirarchy that takes a while for new horses to work their way into. Haegan loves to visit the chiropractor and also loves getting her nose picked.


Johnny was born her on the ranch in April of 2011. He is Banjo's full brother. He is currently going through his rebellious teen years and loves to eat and drink water while on trail rides. He is very easy going though and loves people. Johnny has a white stripe on his nose. Facial stripes have different names, his is called a snip.


Josie can be used for pretty much anything on the ranch. She is a bay roan which means that she is red with a black mane and tail but has white hairs mixed in with her fur making her look lighter. She also has a freeze brand of an elk horn on her right flank. Freeze brands are used more commonly on horses and they don't really burn the skin like a hot brand used on cattle does. It actually just affects the hair follicle causing the hair in that area to grow permanently white.


Juanita is one of our gray horses. She actually looks white but is considered a grey. Juanita also has spotted skin that you can only see if she is really sweaty or wet. She loves to run and is a really fast walker. She will walk so close to the horse in front of her that her shoulders often rub against their tails.


Julio is also a gray horse, but looks white. He loves to be with his friends, especially Chewy. Julio is such a good horse we can put anyone of any riding level on him. He doesn't really like the arena, but he does love going on trail rides and seeing the sights.


Little Reba was name after her mom, Mama Reba. She is a kids horse and enjoys trail rides. She doesn't like when wranglers take their horses too close. If they come too close she will pin her ears at them, telling the horse that she is annoyed and needs some space. Body language is a huge part of how horses communicate with each other


Moriah is one of our shortest horses here. She is an appaloosa. She loves helping young riders learn how to ride. She loves trail rides and thinks that she is the most important horse in the line. If we put another horse between her and the lead wrangler horse she will step out of line and butt the other horses until she is in front and then she will push herself into the line.


Phantom got his name because he has a white patch over his face causing him to look as though he has the Phantom of the Opera mask on. This facial mark, that looks like a mask, is call bald faced. Similar to a bald eagles feathered head Phantom is not actually bald he just has white fur there. He likes to hand out with Pali and Storm.


Ranger is a bay gelding. He is our biggest eater. He loves trail rides because he can walk past food and often tries to sneak bites while riders are watching other things. He has a blaze that goes down his face.


Sadie is a strawberry dun. She is a also a half draft horse. Draft horses are the working breeds, including Percherons, Belgians, and Clydesdales. Sadie was born here at the ranch in May of 2008. She is very strong and once pulled an ATV out of the mud.


Before she came to the ranch Sis was used for bronc riding in rodeo. She wouldn't buck for the riders so she was sold to the ranch. After some training she has been a good horse for our guests. Like Josie, she is a bay roan, but unlike Josie she doesn't have a brand.


Slim Jim is another one of our buckskin duns. He is one of those horses that likes to come and see what you're up to. He likes to wander around and look at everything and see if it might be edible. He loves getting brushed and is a little bit of an attention snob. Him and Cricket are full siblings.

Spit is another one of our registered line horses. Her papered name is Spitfire Easy Jet. She was born on April 19, 2000. Her parents names are Her Sunday Best and Skip Golden Moon. She loves to move cows and hang around her buddy, Haegan. If you can see one of those horses you can see the other; they don't often let each other out of sight.


Stacey came to the Rockin' R in May of 2017. She is one of our horses that we can put riders of every level of experience on and she will help them do well. She is very patient and doesn't get irritated very easy. Stacie has a scar on her back leg that makes her trot a tiny bit different from the other horses. She does not let this slow her down though, she loves to work.


Tank is built after his name sake. He is short and compact. Tank is a little shy at first but one he is out on the open range you can tell that he loves it.


Tom is our oldest grey horse. He actually has the most grey out of all the grey horse we own. It is darkest around his tail and lower legs. Tom is between 20-35 years old. The lifespan of a horse averages in at about 30 year old, this differs just like it does with humans.


Zero was born in June of 2007. His mother, Blaze, is used by the ranch workers and on cattle drives. Zero, however, does much better assisting our less experienced or nervous riders with learning how to ride. He is very patient and won't move up to higher speeds until he feels comfortable with the rider's confidence.



Taco is new to the ranch this year. He came with a group of horse that were used for moving cows and roping. He likes to hangout with his friends in the herd: Ruby, Smokey, Ash, and Cloud. His name came from one of the manager's little girls. We were having tacos for lunch the day that he came to the ranch! He is one of our tallest horses


Storm is our black and white paint horse. He was born in 2005. Everyone who sees him wants to take him on a ride because they love his color. One time Storm came in from the field with a nail in his leg. The wranglers didn't know if he would be able to be ridden again due do the injury. After a few weeks of special attention Storm is still one of the favorite horses to ride.

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